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Copywriting for The Good Faith Debates

What is TGC?

In a world that is noisier than ever, with so many opinionated voices and dubious ideas vying for our attention, where do we find truth? Whose voice do we trust? 

The Gospel Coalition believes the answer to both questions is Jesus Christ, and they exist to help people navigate the dizzying, deafening noise by hearing His voice more clearly.

Through multimedia content, events, courses, books, training, and global resourcing, TGC seeks to communicate both the costly call and the comforting consolation of Christ, whose gospel presents both a countercultural challenge and an audacious invitation to any who would hear it.

What are the Good Faith Debates?

Can two Christians united around the gospel engage in winsome, charitable conversation even amid substantive disagreement? The Good Faith Debates is a series of videos where TGC hopes to model this. When Christians keep the gospel central, they can disagree on lesser but still important matters in good faith.

How Did Accelerate Help?

Before launching Accelerate, Cole Shiflet interned for The Gospel Coalition. During this time, he worked with Phil Thompson for a year to overhaul old content and fix SEO issues throughout TGC's flagship website. A few years later, Accelerate had an opportunity to provide copywriting support for The Gospel Coalition during the first season of the Good Faith Debates.

1. Crafted Compelling Copy

Prior to the launch of the Good Faith Debates, our team meticulously crafted engaging descriptions for each episode, enhancing the accompanying resources to maximize the impact of the series.

2. Developed Engaging Discussion Questions

We devised in-depth discussion questions for each episode of the Good Faith Debates, empowering churches to engage in charitable conversations on difficult topics.

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